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Window Patching!

JPS Ltd has 2 Heiber and Schroder window patching machines – WP3 and WP1100.

These machines will apply a patch of material from a reel, using polyester or acetate film, or subsector material. The size of films can range 50 x 30mm – 720 x 840mm.

The machines can run cartons sized 100 x 80mm – 1020 x 1100mm and are able to run twin stream on smaller cartons, so larger quantities can be done quickly at a cost and time saving to the customer.

If you are unsure what material would be best to window the carton, we are happy to advise, and even to supply the material.

If you only have a small quantity, or have a carton which is too big for our machines, our handwork department are able to patch these. Our handwork department are also experienced in pick and place window patching.

Below is a sub-link to our Handwork Department page:

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